Thursday, February 14, 2013

9 Debunkings

  1. If he knew my secrets, he would find me too complex.
So I tell him some secrets, and he keeps calling, keeps finding me attractive, keeps asking me out.

  1. If only one person is interested, that means I'm settling for the only thing I'm being offered.
I’m only interested in one person.

  1. Similar education, politics, and religion are indicators of compatibility. (Extra bonus example of fallaciousness: Whether these things are similar or different is unknown.)
We do have more similarities here, but also a lot of divergence. And maybe I can watch a football game once in a while, provided sufficient incentive.

  1. Once something is started, it can't be stopped without bitterness apparent for all to see.
Well. It could be a little awkward, but I haven’t seen him much at the studio since I haven’t really been there as much myself.

  1. Having a large group of strange-quaintances know about my personal life is bad.
I was excited to show him off to that group! I even rather wondered why the professor didn’t ask a dozen nosy questions, until I realized he was respecting the fact that I told him, years ago, that I’m a private person. Maybe I’m not as private as I thought. Maybe I want to show off a bit.

  1. My friends will think he's not good enough.
Maybe they would pick or look for warning signs, but doesn’t that say more about them than me? So maybe a little coyness is good until they see that I’m happy.

  1. He won't be able to relate to my friends.
Oh, but he will.

  1. He won't be able to relate to me.
Oh, but he does.

  1. Letting someone care gives him the power to destroy me.
I am strong.

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