Thursday, March 1, 2012

New beginnings

What "detached" is changes, depending on the day and the things I'm working on. For several months now, I've been detached from the blog itself as I sorted out issues involving employment, career path, and state of mind.

Or perhaps I shouldn't use the past tense there, since none of these things are "sorted out" in any permanent sense. Sometimes not even in a temporary sense.

One thing I've come to accept is that all things are temporary and provisional. The trouble with that is the tendency to get caught up in the future - what happens when this ends? What will I do then? I think that's what I was talking about when I talked about redoing the kitchen - that even while I had the job, I was afraid to spend money for fear of what might happen in a few months. Perhaps this was a wise decision financially, but perhaps it was unnecessary. Eight months have passed since I lost my job, and I haven't dipped into my savings at all. I've been earning and turning down unemployment. I haven't always loved what I was doing, but from mid-August on I was earning enough or nearly enough.

In the meantime, I've delayed some joy.

Not all of it. There have been many, many moments of joy, particularly since the new year arrived. A new, though temporary, job has helped me to be kinder to myself and to move away from those days of fear and doubt. We've had an exceptionally mild winter. I've changed in so many ways.

So I've decided to retry the blog, explore the things I hold onto and the things I have let fall away.


  1. I'm so glad you're blogging again. Are those buds in your garden? Wow. I like how they go with your post, a kind of rebirth.

    1. Yup, teeny tiny rosebuds and hydrangea buds (which actually form in the fall). I went out to investigate yesterday and signs of spring are everywhere.


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