Friday, May 25, 2012


Here is a very short but fantastic story.

I do not get much mail beyond circulars and assorted local junk mail. Almost never do I get hand-addressed mail, and I'm a little paranoid, so when I got a hand-addressed envelope from some hose company (I'm not kidding, they make industrial hoses) I was like Whoistryingtosellmewhathowdidsomeonegetmyaddresswhatisthisjunk?

The letter informed me that someone was attempting to charge $7600 worth of hoses and air freight for said hoses to my credit card. This person had my name, address, and all the salient credit card info including the security number on the back, which I kind of always doubted was all that secure anyway.

The unparalleled honesty and kindness that this took - for the salesperson to decide something was fishy and ask the accounting manager to review it, and for the accounting manager to send me this letter - blows me away. I could have seen a crazy huge charge on my bill and had a coronary. Instead I called my credit card company and canceled the card.

Sorry, hose-buyer. You were dishonest, and just this once, you don't get to hose someone.

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  1. Wow, I'm impressed they took the time to do that. Kudos to the hosers.


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