Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Stones had it right

I have this theory I'm working on, about the things we need versus the things we want.

It started with yoga, something that's supposed to balance us. L told us her savasana story -- basically, that she used to skip out on final relaxation because she didn't see the point. She'd go to her car and feel agitated, flighty, scatterbrained. Finally her teacher asked if she had somewhere to be after class, and when L said no, the teacher replied, "Good, you can stay for savasana."

L didn't realize that savasana, something so counter to her natural go-go-go tendency, was exactly what she needed to ground her.

In the same way, we often seek practices, jobs, partners, companions, who are the exact opposite of what we need.

We choose to stick with what's comfortable, easy, and familiar, instead of the things that will push us toward change.

We choose to do instead of be.

So I'm moving on from those times that I didn't get what I wanted, because it turns out that what I wanted wasn't the right thing for me.

Maybe I didn't get what I wanted, but not getting it was probably what I needed.

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