Friday, August 31, 2012


Today was the last day of the job. It was always temporary, and was extended two months later than originally planned, for a total of eight and a half months of not having to worry too much about money.

 One of the hundreds of mock traffic signs in Amarillo, Texas funded by millionaire Stanley Marsh

I can't say I'm not looking forward to a break. That it has to be an unpaid break sucks the big one, but there are possibilities out there that need to be explored.

I applied for a teaching job Monday. There are a couple more teaching jobs to try for. I am debating applying for a job I walked away from last year.

I found out there has been a moratorium placed on expiring teaching certificates. I wonder why, but if I am reading it right I have two more years. It was due to expire in December.

Beach chairs Curacao
This is what I wish my break looked like. 

One of the ladies at work sent my resume to a friend of hers who is looking for people for projects. However I haven't heard from this person and don't have his contact info, so we will see.

As soon as October, there may be work at the job I which have just finished.

So there are lots of possibilities, no certainty, and my goal is to be busy, do fun things, and explore ideas for as long as I can.

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