Saturday, September 1, 2012


This week's dance lesson was on adding a little hoppy crossy thing to inside turns. Surprisingly difficult for a lot of people, and putting it into practice means figuring out what constitutes an opportunity.

For this move, for a follow, it's an inside turn.

For life, it's anything.

The job that just ended was weighing on me. At times there seemed to be the possibility that it might go permanent, but that was only mentioned once.

This is a tremendous relief.

When I got the job, it was just what I needed: minimal human interaction, sitting at a computer, occupying and exhausting my brain. Endless mounds of work, unimaginable cascades of documents to be read and refined, good pay, security, the ability to not be home using my utilities, so I could save money.

Cubicle land
By Larsinio at en.wikipedia [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons

But it was also extremely boring.

Not that I didn't have work to do. I had tons of work to do. All of it was boring.

Still. In the last month of working there, I went from friendly to friends with some people. I'm trying to keep in touch, even if all that means is using social networking sites -- since I am terrible at actual networking.

The biggest opportunity I get from the job being over is the gift of time. I've never been busier. Being in an office 40 hours a week, driving to and from said office, participating in teacher training, dancing, spending time with friends, teaching yoga, trying to maintain a house and yard, trying to blog and look for a permanent job. Some of these have suffered (witness this blog entry was begun at work and no one seemed to notice or care).

Now I have some time. I have a list, a very sloppy list that I'm going to try to tidy up and physically display in the house, so that I know what I'm doing with myself.

  • look for jobs that I actually want to do
  • spend time with friends
  • go to career counselor people office thing at local university from which I have a big fancy degree (really, I have never seen diplomas with larger physical measurements)
  • touch up baseboards, paint/finish furniture
  • make lots of cool stuff
  • dig up weeds, cut back ivy, mulch mulch mulch
  • blog more and promote this blog (and the other blog)
  • take daytime yoga classes
  • resume a daily yoga practice
  • get caught up on my teacher training reading, observing, and assisting
  • go to advanced WCS classes (which are the same night, just earlier, and I always had trouble getting there on time)
  • buy a new suit since I lost a bajillion pounds and had to give away the old one
  • consider getting some kind of a certificate in something boring but reliable
  • see if I can get myself back to Kripalu and visit my adorable as yet unmet babyfriends Jonah and Xander
  • get stuff fixed, like my teeth and car door lock
  • a thousand other things

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