Sunday, July 22, 2012

Do or do not

I'm exhausted today.

I had a list of about a billion things I wanted to get accomplished between this weekend and next but I'm modifying that list, because my body absolutely rebelled and forced me to take a nap so I would stop trying to do things.

Things coming up:

Floor refinishing
I do need to finish packing away 3 rooms and 2 hallways, but I do not need to rip up the carpet myself. I do need to call and establish that they are ripping up carpet and I am paying for that and times and key exchange and cat containment procedures. I do not need to relocate the cats. I do not need to have this done while I am away, and have that added stress of someone coming in to check on cats while floors are being done. I do not need to shop for rugs and DIY supplies.

Knitting projects
I do not need to finish any of these right away. Babies stay small for quite a while. I probably will finish them, though, because knitting involves sitting still, which I do need to do.

Teaching a yoga class on Thursday
I do need to put together a sequence, but I do not need to come up with the best yoga class ever. I have enough 20-minute sequences from training that I can pull something together.

Yoga retreat
I do need to ask someone to take care of the cats. I do need to prepare by doing some reading. I do not need to do all the reading I haven't gotten to yet. I do need to see about carpooling. I do not need to drive alone, which I find stressful and boring.

Guy on the horizon
I do need to be kind, communicative, and honest. I do not need to move everything around in my schedule to cram him in.

Job hunt
I do need to apply to another job. I do not need to do it today, because I am tired.

I do need to plant that rudbeckia. I do not need to do it today. I do not need to weed today.

Really the only things I need to do today are buy food and eat dinner.

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