Friday, September 7, 2012

That Fast

Only really took one day.

Since Monday was a holiday, my official first day of unemployment was Tuesday. Tuesday went like this:
  1. Yoga practice. Challenge self.
  2. Breakfast and shower.
  3. Try to apply for a job.
  4. Stupid job website makes you create an account, asks for SSN, doesn't actually create account.
  5. Cry.
  6. Start painting baseboards and listening to Florence + the Machine.
  7. Feel better enough to try to call and reset a password for another job.
  8. Get told that they can reset my password but they can't tell me what the password is.
  9. Get in argument with person's supervisor but not ever actually receive an answer as to why they have this policy. Hang up phone.
  10. Cry.
  11. Screw crying. Paint and patch walls more.
  12. Go dancing.
Um, yeah. And then for the next two days I pretty much proceeded to ignore the need to look for a job other than going out to this weird temp agency to update my records so I can interview for a job that is farther away, pays less, is more boring, and might even make me wear office clothes.

This should make me want to look for and apply for less crappy jobs, but it really just makes me want to spray paint stuff, patch every crack in the house, and pull weeds out of the yard.

So now it's Friday, the end of the week, and I'd set aside a huge chunk of time to hang out with friends, which I still intend to do, and yet I haven't applied for a single job despite all the time I had slotted on my calendar for doing so.

Maybe I just needed a vacation.

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